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New Year, Same Plastic: 3 Things You Should Be Doing This Year

rotating packaging machine in motion

With a new year comes the opportunity to take a fresh look at your plastic manufacturing process. 

Whether it’s focusing on the environmental impacts of your processes or adding a new piece of equipment to your lineup, here are three industry trends you should know about in 2020.

1. Looking at Automation in the Manufacturing Process

Robots are no longer a wish for the future. They’re becoming commonplace in manufacturing today.

Industrial robots may help speed up the manufacturing process — therefore, lowering your overhead cost and the customer’s price. That’s a win-win for both of you.

For prototypes or short-run molds, 3D printing may be an optimal solution. While 3D printing may not be the fastest method for work at scale, it can come in handy when producing a prototype for a custom project — saving on re-work in the long run.

2. Incorporating Bioresins & Sustainability Efforts

As consumers look into green efforts in their everyday lives, sustainability is a top concern when it comes to your products. 

In the plastics industry, one way to incorporate adding some “green” to your product is by using bioresins, biodegradable and compostable resins. Whether your customer wants a water bottle made from plants or just wants to lower their environmental footprint, bioresins may be an opportunity you can incorporate.

Another sustainability effort is adding recycling processes into your manufacturing. That could be using recycled materials, such as re-pelletized polyethylene resins, or just recycling paper from the office.

3. Focusing on Your Customer’s Experience

Overall, the most important part of your manufacturing process is the end result — your customer’s experience. Think of ways you could enhance it: creating a prototype of the product ahead of time, or taking the time to ask your customer about his day during a sales follow-up call. Aim to “surprise and delight” whenever possible and add value to every step of the sales process.

Take a hard look at your own sales process and see if there’s an extra step you could take to better serve your customer. After all, building a strong relationship with your customers is what keeps them coming back to you.

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