About Versa Pak

Located in Celina, Ohio, we are a manufacturer of versatile plastic packaging bags and more for the food and other consumer industries.

Versa Pak has grown over the last decade, and we credit that, No. 1, to our team’s reputation for top quality products and customer service. Whether it’s a quote, delivery deadline or product expectation, we operate knowing our reputation goes with every order.

“It is in their Northwestern Ohio culture. They work hard, they have fun, they look you in the eye and keep a promise, and they do it all in a pleasant manner throughout the entire organization. They will remain our No. 1 supplier for all bags and films.”

Dean Backscheider, President BGR Inc.

Pictured Above (L to R): Scott Knapke, Plant Manager; Andrea Green, Chief Strategy Officer; Michael Brunswick, President; Jeff Knapke, Sales Manager 

Our Reputation Goes with Every Order

We at Versa Pak take great pride in building honest relationships with our customers. This has always been one of our guiding principles. 

When we load your order on the truck, you can stand confident that our long-established reputation of consistent quality, excellent turnaround time and competitive pricing goes along with it. You can count on working with a staff of highly experienced professionals devoted to your success.

“When my customers have needed help keeping up with demand, Versa Pak has always helped them out. Versa Pak is quick to respond on inquires, including any concerns, whatever the issue. I’ve always believed, ‘how you handle a problem is a real testimony to your commitment to your customers and their business.’ “

Denny Brasher, Independent Sales, Vision Plastics

Our History

Founded in March 1986 as Versa Pak Inc., we switched ownership and expanded into Versa Pak, LTD over the years. Continued growth led us to build and move into a new facility at our present location of 500 Staeger Road, Celina, Ohio.

This endeavor has made it possible to expand our capabilities as well as locate our warehouse under one roof.  Versa Pak is now better equipped to provide timely deliveries on custom made and blanket purchased items.

As a custom manufacturer, we will continually strive to be versatile in our products and the needs of our customers.

“With Versa Pak, it’s their ability to communicate and make recommendations that creates value. For more than 12 years, Versa Pak has treated us like a partner, not a customer. It’s the personal touch that sets them apart.”

Ron Tenkman, VP/Sales, Benchmark Industrial Supply, LLC