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Versa Pak Focuses on Sustainability Through Recycling



Since we began, Versa Pak has focused on sustainability in all of our operations. One of the ways we do this is through our recycling efforts, which have produced millions of pounds of recycled materials, from polyethylene scrap to cardboard, over the years.

“We try to recycle everything here that we possibly can at Versa Pak,” Sales Manager Jeff Knapke says. “We have always reused all of our scrap materials. It’s a need in our industry.”

The products we recycle include all of our scrap cardboard, our scrap cores, scrap paper and scrap polyethylene material.

The Polyethylene Repelletizing and Recycling Process

The polyethylene scrap is shipped off-site to a local company who repelletizes it. It is returned to us, as our process starts with the pellet and gets melted down and reused.

There are a few machines at Versa Pak that can repelletize the material but because we’ve produced millions of pounds of recycled material, our machines can’t do it on the scale that we need to.

All of our polyethylene scrap gets repelletized and is used in industrial applications, such as pallet covers, garbage bags, top sheets and more.

In addition to keeping Versa Pak’s costs down, the recycled materials that we produce are available at a lower cost for the customer. The recycled material can’t be used in FDA products; however, it can be sold for industrial-grade uses.

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