Co-Extruded Film

When a single resin is not sufficient for your packaging requirement, a Co-Extruded blend allows for a customized formula to meet your need.

A Co-Ex blend, or coextruded film, is a combination of two or more resins engineered into a multi-layer film. Whether it’s combining moisture barriers and puncture resistance in the food industry or differential slips for industrial use, our Co-Ex blends provide you more opportunity and efficiency in plastic packaging.

5 layer co ex blend

Multi-Layer Plastic Packaging

As a leading provider of Poly Bags and Poly Sheeting and Films, our top-quality Co-Ex blends are engineered, manufactured, quality tested and shipped – all from our production and warehouse facility in Celina, Ohio. We work with you from start to finish to custom engineer the precise product you need to meet the packaging expectations of today and tomorrow.

Customized Blend of Resins

The resins in our Co-Ex blends are engineered based on precise product applications and are quality tested in our on-site research and quality lab. We can test new innovations and packaging features to provide you advanced opportunities. Upon request, we can run a sample for your evaluation.

As an SQF-certified manufacturer, all of the resin processed is top-quality virgin and FDA-approved polyethylene provided by a stable supplier.

Versa Pak Co-Ex Blend Capabilities

  • 3-layer and 5-layer rolls, sheeting & films
  • Custom engineered and manufactured based on specific applications for the food and industrial markets
  • From 24-inch up to 122-inch lay-flat sheeting
  • Up to a 138” bubble
  • Thickness up to .12 mil.
  • Wide spectrum of colors, prints and capabilities
  • Dual-colored film for enhanced light-blocking and aesthetic solutions. Options include black/white and white/gray.

“Versa Pak's innovative packaging materials and constant willingness to help our distributors succeed with their customers has been outstanding. They unquestionably support our vision and mission. We are thrilled that such a high caliber supplier is part of our team.”
–George Strobel, President, Packaging Distributors of America