Polyethylene Sheeting & Film

Our Poly Sheeting and Films are custom manufactured to meet the production capabilities, product features and top quality you need in plastic packaging.

Looking for a new solution? Our on-site research and quality lab allows us to test new innovations and packaging features to help you continually improve your product and production performance. Upon request, we can run a sample for your evaluation.

Poly Sheeting Features:

polyethylene sheeting center fold

Center-Fold Sheeting

A double layer of sheeting, cut on one side and folded on the other; provides ease of use when wide sheeting is needed.

polyethylene sheeting continuous vertical perforations

Continuous Vertical Perforations

A continuous roll of plastic sheeting or bags, perforated at specific lengths for easy tear off.

polyethylene sheeting single wound sheeting

Single Wound Sheeting

A single layer of sheeting, cut on both sides; most often used with machine feeding. Made to meet your need.

polyethylene sheeting serrated sheets

Serrated Sheets

Sheets with serrated tear lines speed production, precision and quality control. Customized to your product features.

polyethylene sheeting shrink bundling plan

Shrink Bundling Film

Shrink bundling film for heavy duty packaging and product protection, customized to meet your need.

polyethylene sheeting center slit gussetted film

Center Slit Gusseted Film

Plastic film with an expandable, gusseted side and conveniently placed on a roll for ease of use.

All the resin processed is top-quality virgin and FDA approved polyethylene provided by a stable supplier.