Polyethylene Bags

Custom Manufactured Polyethylene Bags

Our polyethylene bags are custom-manufactured for your business to meet the capabilities, specs and quantity you need. All of our poly bags can be packaged on rolls or separated into cartons.

Explore our custom poly bag options, including lay-flat bags, food-safe gusseted bags and more. 

Not seeing what you’re looking for? At Versa Pak, we have an on-site research and quality lab that allows us to test new innovations and custom packaging features so you can continually improve your product and production performance. We can run a sample for your evaluation upon request.

Poly Bag Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Thickness from .0005 to .010 mil.
  • Wide spectrum of colors, tints, and prints
  • Bags wound on rolls or individually stacked in cartons
  • See more capabilities here.

As an SQF-certified manufacturer, all of our resin is top-quality virgin and FDA-approved polyethylene provided by a stable supplier.

gusseted poly bag graphic

Gusseted Poly Bags

Used as Gaylord liners, pallet covers and carton liners. The gusset allows the bag to open up for a larger capacity and weight. They're also used for food products, health care, furniture and more. Colors and additives are available.

layflat poly bag graphic

Layflat Poly Bags

Layflat bags are a basic and versatile option, with the opening at the top and a seal on the bottom. These bags are used for food, medical devices, box liners, mattresses, furniture and more. Colors and additives are available.

side-sealed poly bags graphic

Side-Sealed Poly Bags

Side seal or center-fold bags open on the side, allowing the opening to be any size you need. Common uses include packaging for mattresses and furniture. Colors and additives are available.

compartment poly bags graphic

Compartment Poly Bags

Bags are made to fit your multi-compartment packaging needs, such as consumer product parts that must be separated yet packaged as one.

reverse bags on roll graphic

Reverse Bags on a Roll (RBOR)

The seal of the bag comes off the roll first, providing efficiency and speed for K&R insertion machines.

poly tubing bag graphic

Poly Tubing Bags

Used for a wide range of applications and useful for packaging products of varying lengths. Made of FDA-approved resin.

Pallet Covers

Pallet covers protect your products from dust, environmental hazards and other elements. Our blends can be customized for indoor and outdoor storage or transportation conditions. Colors and additives are available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polyethylene Bags

What are the different types of poly bags available?

We offer a variety of poly bags to meet different packaging needs, including gusseted, side-sealed, layflat, and more.

What are the size options for poly bags?

Poly bags come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate various products. We offer bags ranging from 5-inch-122-inch layflat, and up to 138-inch gusseted bags.

Can I get a sample of a custom polyethylene bag before placing a bulk order?

Yes! We can create a sample to help you assess the bag's quality, size, and customization options before committing to a larger order. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and order your sample.

Is your poly available in multiple colors?

Yes - we offer poly in a variety of colors including red, blue, green, white, clear, and more.

Versa Pak is your polyethylene bag manufacturer for the following bag types:

  • FDA-approved bags
  • SQF-certified bags
  • IMS-certified bags
  • CO-EX blend bags
  • Ultraviolet Inhibitor (UVI bags) 
  • EVA bags
  • Anti-static bags
  • Hi-Slip bags
  • Low-Slip bags
  • Slit seal bags
  • Coreless winder
  • Metallocene bags
  • Flame retardant bags
  • Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI bags) 
  • Electro Static Discharge and Static Dissipation
  • Bags of recycled materials
  • Various separation and venting possibilities
  • Multiple colors, clears and print options
  • And more