Food Safety Certifications and Compliance Statements

SQF Certified & More For Your Safety

Provide the highest quality and safest products by choosing an SQF-certified manufacturer for your plastic packaging needs.

In addition to our SQF certification, we’re also compliant or offer statements for the following:

  • FDA statement: All of the bags and film we manufacture use resins that comply with FDA regulations in 21 CFR ss 177.1520, (c) (3.1a), subject to conditions of use and food type limitations described in the regulations.
  • Kosher compliance statement: Our resins contain no animal fat and will comply with the acceptable guidelines of the Kosher dietary laws.
  • Buckeye Kosher™ certification: All plastic bags and plastic film made at Versa-Pak are under the supervision of Buckeye Kosher operated by the Columbus Vaad Ho'ir.


  • Non-allergen statement: Our resins do not include any of the 18 major allergens listed here.
  • RoHS statement: Our resin manufacturers do not deliberately add cadmium, chromium, lead or mercury to the title grade, nor are such metals present, to the best of our knowledge, in any of the raw materials used to manufacture the resin
  • Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) single-service manufacturer certification: Versa Pak has been recommended for listing (partial plant) on the Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) listing of single-service manufacturers.

Meet Our Quality Assurance Team

Our in-house quality team ensures that we’re always up-to-date on certifications and that every product meets the strictest safety measures.

Joel Giesige

Joel Giesige
Risk and Compliance Officer

Keith Koverman

Matt Wiegel
Quality Manager

Holly Tonkin

Holly Tonkin
Quality Technician

Lynda Cooper
Engineered Films Lab Tech

Why is SQF Certification Important?

Since 2016, Versa Pak has been Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified as a manufacturer of food packaging.

According to the SQF code, a company that’s certified:

  • Produces safe, quality food or food packaging
  • Complies with all regulations
  • Complies with applicable legislation.

When you purchase products from Versa Pak, you can be assured that they’ve been produced to the highest levels of safety and quality.

“It allows for others to have an understanding of the facility we have here without visiting it,” said president Michael Brunswick. “It saves you time and money – all we have to do is send our SQF audit report and you can get a good idea as to whether or not we’re a facility you can trust to make your poly.”

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