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Category: Distributor News

What are Polyethylene Bags & Sheeting Used For?

Polyethylene sheeting on a roll

Polyethylene bags and sheeting are used across multiple industries and have various end-uses. Used for protecting everything from car parts to packages in your mailbox, polyethylene products are the material of choice for many applications. Because of its versatility (polyethylene can be custom-manufactured to meet different strengths and capabilities depending on the end-use), polyethylene bags… Read more »

Versa Pak’s Converter-Grade Lamination Film Capabilities

A converter grade lamination machine at Versa Pak

You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to get poly film at a fair price. At Versa Pak, we’re continually evolving with the latest packaging innovations to offer the new capabilities that our customers need. Our converter-grade lamination technologies uniquely position us to provide high-quality poly film that delivers on performance and cost.  Converter-Grade Laminating… Read more »

Complete Guide to Co-Ex Blends

Clear mono-bubble made of co-ex blends

Sometimes a single resin just isn’t enough to get the properties you need for your packaging. That’s where co-extruded films (also called Co-Ex blends) can help.  What are Co-Ex Blends? A co-extruded film is an engineered multi-layer film composed of two or more resins. Resins are selected to carefully combine the properties your packaging needs,… Read more »

Elastomers and Plastomers in Packaging

Hand reaching into a box of white elastomers and plastomers

What makes Versa Pak polyethylene packaging strong and stretchy? Elastomers and plastomers in our custom poly blends are usually the reason! Today we’re diving into what they are and how they’re used to create packaging with the properties you need.  What are Elastomers? Elastomers are a type of polymer – essentially a string of large… Read more »

2024 Packaging Industry Trends: 5 Key Focus Areas

The packaging industry is in a constant state of change. In the post-pandemic market, evolving with the latest trends is critical for manufacturers to keep pace with demand and consumer preferences.  Here are five areas packaging providers should focus on in 2024. 1.  Custom Packaging Projects Demand for custom films and packaging surged in the… Read more »

Great service? It’s in the bag with Versa Pak.

Versa Pak plant.

  Exceptional customer service is the guiding principle of all we do here at Versa Pak. From our humble beginnings nearly four decades ago, we’ve grown into a polyethylene solutions provider driven by the needs of our customers. While we’ve expanded our offerings over the years, one thing has remained constant: our dedication to knowing… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask Your Poly Packaging Supplier

Two Versa Pak employees collaborating to ensure the correct specifications are made.

If you’re a customer researching custom plastic packaging manufacturers, choosing the right supplier — or distributor — can be a daunting task. Here are five essential questions to ask when reviewing suppliers to ensure they’re a high-quality, reputable vendor.  5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Poly Packaging Supplier When choosing a plastic packaging supplier,… Read more »