Innovation at Versa Pak

A full-service research and quality lab on-site provides sample testing, quality measurements and more. Our expert lab technician ensures your customized product goes out the door with the quality, capabilities and performance you ordered.

Check out our state-of-the-art Co-Extruder for a customized blend that combines two or more resins to meet multiple capabilities and applications.

We can test for:

  • Elmendorf Tear – MD & TD Tear
  • Universal Tester – Elongation and tensile strength
  • COF
  • Opacimeter
  • VCI Testing
  • Electronic Micrometer
  • Hot Sealer – measures seal strength
  • Spencer Impact
  • And more!

“Versa Pak's innovative packaging materials and constant willingness to help our distributors succeed with their customers has been outstanding. They unquestionably support our vision and mission. We are thrilled that such a high caliber supplier is part of our team.”

George Strobel, President, Packaging Distributors of America