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2024 Packaging Industry Trends: 5 Key Focus Areas


The packaging industry is in a constant state of change. In the post-pandemic market, evolving with the latest trends is critical for manufacturers to keep pace with demand and consumer preferences. 

Here are five areas packaging providers should focus on in 2024.

1.  Custom Packaging Projects

Demand for custom films and packaging surged in the past year due to a growing preference for personalized, unique product branding. Businesses increasingly seek out manufacturers who can deliver custom solutions to differentiate their products and attract consumer interest, from tinted bags to unique packaging experiences. 

At Versa Pak, we’re proud to be able to meet this need. We expect to see interest in tailored packaging projects grow even more in the coming year.

2.  Durable Materials

We’re seeing an increased shift toward packaging materials that are both durable and sustainable. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and expect brands to minimize their own environmental impact. 

Risk and Compliance officer, Joel’s quote.

Post-consumer resins are just one example of an in-demand recycled material. Versa Pak Risk and Compliance Officer Joel Giesige noted the popularity of recycled content packaging and how the industry is responding: “Some of the bag associations are saying by 2025, they’re going to have 25 percent of recycled content in all of their products.”

Packaging providers must continue to rise to the occasion in 2024 with custom films and packaging products that are more sustainable while still offering protective properties like puncture and moisture resistance. 

3.  Lead Time Optimization

Speed is crucial when it comes to meeting consumer expectations for quick delivery. Packaging manufacturers that aren’t optimizing their turnaround times risk falling behind in the coming years. 

Often, our customers are getting more immediate requests, and it’s up to us to be flexible in these instances by optimizing our production processes and communicating effectively with our customers and team members. 

4.  Packaging Innovation

Manufacturers must invest in new packaging innovations and advanced printing technologies, materials and design capabilities to evolve with market demands and consumer preferences. 

That’s why at Versa Pak, we have a full-service research and quality lab on-site to ensure we deliver custom packaging products that exceed expectations.

5.  Inventory Planning

Planning for the unexpected in the packaging supply chain should be a continued priority for packaging providers in 2024. At Versa Pak, we’re focusing on maintaining a volume of raw materials so we’re prepared for any market disruptions and ready to design flexible product options for our customers. 

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