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Elastomers and Plastomers in Packaging

Hand reaching into a box of white elastomers and plastomers


What makes Versa Pak polyethylene packaging strong and stretchy? Elastomers and plastomers in our custom poly blends are usually the reason! Today we’re diving into what they are and how they’re used to create packaging with the properties you need.

What are Elastomers?

Elastomers are a type of polymer – essentially a string of large molecules bonded together in an interconnected chain of smaller chemical units. Elastomers’ chemical units include a combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and silicon. When force is applied, the molecules straighten up in the direction they’re pulled. When force is released, elastomers go back to their original shape after being stretched.

Elastomer Properties

The specific properties of an elastomer depend on their number of cross-links, but all are rubber-like, with elasticity, viscosity and insolubility. They also have high failure/yield stress, meaning they can withstand a lot of force without taking permanent damage.

What are Plastomers?

Plastomers are another type of polymer that combines the qualities of elastomers and plastics. They’re ideal for boosting toughness, clarity and sealing ability in flexible plastic packaging.

Plastomer Properties

Plastomers have the rubber-like properties of elastomers and the processing ability of plastic. They offer good impact performance, enhanced flexibility and can maintain their strength despite being lightweight.

How We Use Elastomers and Plastomers at Versa Pak

At Versa Pak, we use elastomers and plastomers extensively in food and pharmaceutical packaging applications. They discreetly bolster performance for custom poly blends and are ideal for packaging applications where caulkability is a key concern.

Elastomers and plastomers offer several benefits for our customers:

  • High performance packaging integrity improvement
  • Puncture resistance
  • Strong sealing integrity
  • Water repellency
  • Tintable

Are they Safe?

Both elastomers and plastomers are inert, meaning they’re not chemically reactive. Versa Pak uses food-grade elastomers and plastomers to comply with food and pharma packaging standards.

Custom Poly Blends

At Versa Pak, we can engineer a poly blend with the properties and colors you need. We have a full-service research and quality lab on site to ensure your packaging leaves our warehouse exactly as you ordered.

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