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Versa Pak’s Converter-Grade Lamination Film Capabilities

A converter grade lamination machine at Versa Pak


You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to get poly film at a fair price. At Versa Pak, we’re continually evolving with the latest packaging innovations to offer the new capabilities that our customers need.

Our converter-grade lamination technologies uniquely position us to provide high-quality poly film that delivers on performance and cost. 

Converter-Grade Laminating Film Roll Capabilities

Versa Pak’s innovative technologies can enhance the reliability, efficiency and performance of your poly film.

I-beam technology takes its name from the cross-sectional shape of the extrusion die, which looks like the letter “I.” With I-beam extrusion, resin is melted and forced through the I-shaped die, creating a thin, flat film with uniform thickness. The orientation of polymers in the film produces a stronger, clearer and more durable material compared to flat die extrusion. 

Our thin-skin performance sealants are optimized to match your product’s unique needs, from sealant strength to printing compatibility.

Here are a few types of converter-grade lamination we offer for film rolls:

General purpose sealant/lamination webs

General purpose sealant/lamination webs offer excellent sealing properties and ensure your products are securely packaged. They’re optimal for packaging snacks, baked goods or other food items. Sealant/lamination webs are typically made with poly that has good heat-sealing properties, like low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).

Low Seal Initial Temperature (SIT) sealant/lamination webs

These films are specially formulated to require lower heat for sealing, enabling faster production cycles and lower energy consumption. With Versa Pak’s low SIT films, you can optimize your packaging operations while maintaining product integrity.

Low Machine Direction (MD) stretch sealant/lamination films for digital/thermal

Designed for digital and thermal applications, where very low MD elongation is critical, these films provide exceptional clarity, durability and seal strength. Versa Pak’s low MD films ensure superior performance, enabling your packaged products to withstand various environmental conditions.

High-performance hot tack/hot fill webs

These films are engineered to withstand the challenges posed by hot filling processes, maintaining package integrity even under extreme conditions. Versa Pak’s hot tack/hot fill webs ensure leak-proof packaging, safeguarding your products throughout the supply chain.

Highly caulkable webs for large particle products

These films offer excellent caulkability, conforming to the contours of your product and providing a secure package that prevents leakage and preserves freshness.

High-performance films for IQF and high altitude

High-performance films are engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of IQF processes and maintain product quality during freezing, thawing and distribution. These films are designed to retain their integrity even at high altitudes, ensuring products reach your consumers in pristine condition.

High-performance fin/lap vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) film

For vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) applications, Versa Pak offers high-performance fin/lap films. These films provide exceptional seal integrity, ensuring your products are tightly sealed and protected from moisture, contaminants and other external factors. Our VFFS films are compatible with various packaging machinery, enabling seamless integration into your production line.

FDA PCR content sealant/lamination webs

Versa Pak is committed to sustainability and offers FDA (Food and Drug Administration) PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) content sealant/lamination webs. These films incorporate recycled materials without compromising performance, meeting regulatory requirements while reducing environmental impact.

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