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Case Study: Custom Single-Wound Film Solution for Healthcare Industry

A single layer of sheeting, cut on both sides; most often used with machine feeding.


At Versa Pak, we can create the custom products you need, whether it’s a specialty poly blend, specific additive properties or cut-to-order dimensions.
We recently created a custom film solution for our customer Shorr Packaging. Learn more about the challenge Shorr brought to us and our solution.

The Challenge

Doug Densmore, account executive at Shorr, said he first heard of Versa Pak from a fellow sales rep who had used them for a bundling film project.

He turned to Versa Pak when his customer, an industrial healthcare linen facility, needed a solution to replace an existing heavy-gauge film they used. The customer desired an updated product to reduce the mil thickness but not sacrifice performance.

The customer had multiple locations throughout the U.S. and needed a partner who could assist with warehousing and JIT shipping.

The Results

Single wound poly sheeting on a roll.

Versa Pak designed a thinner film material single-wound sheeting that delivered the same quality at a lower price and with less bulk. They also created a shipping solution allowing the product to be stored and distributed to the customer’s locations when needed.

“Versa Pak’s ability to warehouse this product at their main facility in Celina, Ohio, and then distribute it in two-skid minimums was the most appealing thing,” said Densmore.“They’ve added on additional locations that are using this film. There’s also been a pretty significant cost savings by reducing the thickness of the film.”

Besides Versa Pak’s solution for this customer, Densmore noted that their responsiveness makes them stand out in his mind.

“They’re very customer-focused. If I need a favor from time to time where a customer’s projection on production increases out of the blue, they’re very willing to move up things into the production schedule on their end to accommodate,” he said.

“Also, their customer service staff helps me with weekly reporting on inventory levels for this product to know when I need to send them new blanket POs with the appropriate lead times. Overall, they’re very responsive.”

Custom Solutions From Versa Pak

Versa Pak is here to assist with your packaging needs, including bags, sheeting, and film.

Our on-site, full-service research and quality lab provides sample testing, quality measurements, and more. And our expert lab technician ensures your customized product goes out the door with the quality, capabilities, and performance you ordered.

Contact us today to request a quote or discuss your needs.

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