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Our Co-Ex and Mono Bubble Color Options

Polyethylene tint available for co-ex and mono bubbles at Versa Pak


Color selection is one of the many options we offer here at Versa Pak to help your product stand out, match your customer’s branding or just try something new. We have a vast assortment of colors to choose from to make your custom polyethylene product uniquely yours.

Watch this video to see just a few of our color options you could choose from.

And below, Versa Pak Sales Specialist Matt Bruggeman shares some of the colors of the rainbow you can find around our manufacturing plant.


Adding some color to things can really spice up your product. We offer a wide array of colors to choose from, and this purple is just the tip of the … rainbow.

purple polyethylene tint


From metallic to clean and sharp, our blues are as versatile as our capabilities. Here are some of the shades of blue you can find in our manufacturing plant.

blue option polyethylene tint metallic blue polyethylene tint blue polyethylene tint

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue is another from the vast assortment of colors at Versa-Pak. We strive to give our customers options when they are in need of custom poly.

aqua polyethylene tint


This picture shows a beautiful green layflat bubble running through the rollers here at Versa-Pak — the color we all want our lawns to look like in the summer.

green polyethylene tint

If you’re looking for more of a muted green. Here is another one of our polyethylene color options.

light green polyethylene tint


“Here at Versa-Pak, our colors might be ‘delicious’ but I assure you, no eating allowed,” Matt says of this shade that resembles the sweet ice cream topping.

caramel polyethylene tint


This red is one of Matt’s favorite red options that we carry — it catches his eye every time he walks through the plant.

red polyethylene tint


No, that’s not bubble gum. That’s Versa Pak’s pink poly … shown 50 feet from the ground.

pink polyethylene tint


This is a color that you don’t see every day. Uncommon colors make for a rainbow of a day out in production at our Celina, Ohio, manufacturing plant.

yellow polyethylene tint


This picture shows where our ingredients are mixed to produce our five-layer co-extruded material, shown in white. A proper material blend can give you an assortment of features to your polyethylene.

white option polyethylene tint


And sometimes you don’t need any color; that’s where our clear poly comes in. Plus, our clear poly has a remarkably clean feel to it.

clear bubble polyethylene tint

Want to Add Color to Your Next Polyethylene Sheeting Film Order?

Adding some color to your product is an easy way to spice it up, reflect your customer’s brand and make their product stand out.

If you’re interested in learning more about our color options or you’d like to learn more about one we didn’t feature here, just give us a call to see what we can do.

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