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Wrap It In Color: Tinted Bags, Co-Ex and Mono Bubble Color Options

Polyethylene tint available for co-ex and mono bubbles at Versa Pak


Help your customers’ products stand out with colorful polyethylene options to match their branding and needs. At Versa Pak, we offer a wide range of color options for tinted bags, co-ex and mono bubble poly products.

Preview Our Poly Color Options

We offer tinted polyethylene products in every color of the rainbow. Check out a few of our color options in this video and the descriptions below.


Purple Tinted Poly

Make a bold splash with this bright purple poly, available for tinted bags, co-ex and mono bubble products.

purple polyethylene tint

Blue Poly Options

From metallic to clean and sharp, our blues are as versatile as our capabilities. Here are just a few of the different blue poly tints we offer.

blue option polyethylene tint metallic blue polyethylene tint blue polyethylene tint aqua polyethylene tinted bags

Green Poly Tints

This picture shows a beautiful bright green layflat bubble running through the rollers here at Versa Pak.

green polyethylene tint

For a more subtle option, we also offer this muted green for tinted bags and other poly products.

light green polyethylene tint

Caramel Tinted Poly

This caramel poly tint really does resemble the sugary confection!

caramel polyethylene tint

Red and Pink Poly Options

This bold hue is one of our favorite red options — it catches our eye every time we walk through our Celina, Ohio, manufacturing plant. It’s an excellent choice to help your customers’ products stand out.

red polyethylene tint

Versa Pak’s bubble gum pink is another enticing poly color choice, shown here 50 feet from the ground.

pink polyethylene tint

Yellow Colored Poly

Bright and sunny, this yellow is an eye-catching color option for poly products.

yellow polyethylene tint

White Poly Blends

Shown here in our Celina, Ohio, manufacturing facility, ingredients are mixed to produce a white five-layer co-extruded poly material. Our custom blends can provide a range of properties, from moisture barriers to puncture resistance, depending on your needs.

white option polyethylene tint

Classic Clear Poly Packaging

Of course, we offer clear bags, co-ex and mono bubble poly options, too. Our clear poly has a smooth, clean feel to it.

clear bubble polyethylene tint

What Can Tinted Bags and Poly Do For Your Customers?

Tinted polyethylene products offer a lot more than just a colorful appearance – they bring multiple advantages for your packaging customers.

Easy Identification

Tinted bags and poly films make it easy to distinguish between different products and pallets. Colored poly helps customers implement a color-coding system to organize their inventory and quickly find what they’re looking for.

Brand Awareness

Poly packaging in your customers’ brand colors is a great way to build brand awareness with a look and feel that sets them apart, especially in markets where products are often packaged similarly.


Our tinted bags and poly products at Versa Pak offer the same high-performance properties as our clear films.  

Add a Splash of Color to Your Next Poly Packaging Order

Want to learn more about tinted poly or see more of our color options? Give us a call or email our sales team at

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