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New Innovations Revealed at AMI 2018



versa pak conference

L-R: Jeff, Michael & Scott of Versa Pak attend AMI’s Polyethylene Films conference Jan. 30- Feb. 1, 2018, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

New innovations and global market forecast were a key focus on this year’s AMI Polyethylene Films conference Jan. 30- Feb. 1, 2018, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“We captured a lot of great information on new advancements in fillers and down-gauging. As distributors need more capabilities and continue to face thin margins, it’s essential for us to up our game in fillers that can reduce costs and alter strength, weight, appearance, etc.,” Sales Manager Jeff Knapke says.

“We also gained valuable insight into new technologies, processes and market projections, just as we are getting ready to launch our new 5-Layer Co-Ex Line.”

Also attending were President Michael Brunswick and Plant Manager Scott Knapke.

Polyethylene Films 2018 included an expert panel of speakers, many who spoke on the increases in the level of sophistication of polyethylene products and how that has driven functionality of final package performance and created value throughout the supply chain.

The continued innovation in resin formulation and processing technology continues to drive the future of the packaging industry and impact the ever-changing market.

Top sessions attended by our team here at Versa Pak included:

  • Market Projections 2018: Prospects for Polyethylene Supply in North America and NAFTA Polyethylene Film Industry-Structure and Market Demand, both presented by Andrew Reynolds, Director, Advance Bidco (owners of AMI).
  • Material Development: Novel Tubular LDPE Developments Having Improved Clarity and Process-Ability, presented by Matt Sonnycalb, Applications Development and Technical Service Engineer at LyondellBasell Industries.
  • Technology Advancements: New 5-Layer Technology for Polyethylene Resins, presented by Carlo Pattini, Sales Manager of Blown Film Lines, Italy.
  • Performance: Improvements in Traditional Film Performance Additives: Slip; Antiblock and UVA, presented by Shawn Lucas, Plasticulture Manager, Ampacet Corporation.

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