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Plans Moving Forward for 5-Layer Co-Ex Line



More layers mean more opportunity. We are stepping up the game with the purchase of our new 5-Layer Co-Extrusion Line.

Our new 5-Layer Co-Ex Line will be operational at the end of June 2018. The expansion of our production capabilities provides distributors more opportunities to offer multi-layer film solutions to their end-users.

The 5-layer technology provides expanded properties and qualities in plastic film production, putting distributors in a better position for what end-users want now and into the future.

With our current 3-Layer Co-Extrusion Line, our Co-Ex blends are engineered, manufactured, quality tested and shipped from our production and warehouse facility in Celina.

Find out more about our Co-Ex blends & see our 3-Layer Co-Ex Line in action.

The resins in our Co-Ex blends are engineered based on precise product applications and are quality tested in our on-site research and quality lab. We can test new innovations and packaging features to provide you advanced opportunities.

When a single resin isn’t enough, you need a Co-Extruded blend for advanced capabilities.

Contact us to find out more about requesting a custom sample.