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How Versa Pak Reduces and Recycles Plastic Scrap

Versa Pak employee carefully cutting scrap material.


Reducing scrap in our facility is just one step we take to reduce waste, increase efficiency and boost our sustainability.

Learn more about the practices we follow at Versa Pak and get ideas for how you can implement them at your own plant.

What Is Scrap?

First, a quick definition from Keith Koverman, a quality technician at Versa Pak: “Scrap is considered anything that is processed and comes off the lines, but is not a sellable product.”

Scrap generation can lead to significant financial losses for manufacturers. Every piece of wasted plastic represents wasted resources, including raw materials, energy, and labor costs.

By reducing scrap, Versa Pak is optimizing our production processes, minimizing material waste, and improving overall cost efficiency. It’s also a key component of our lean manufacturing philosophy.

Scrap Reduction From Start To Finish

Each Versa Pak team member, especially on the production floor, has a role to play in ensuring scrap is reduced as much as possible. The three main areas Versa Pak focuses on are:

  • Raw materials
  • Extruder, die and towers
  • Secondary equipment – baggers, winders and bag machines

Versa Pak has also taken steps to reduce the changeover time, which is normally a key culprit in producing scrap.

“We’ve created line-specific boards for changeover information when they’re coming,” said Korverman. “We have also been implementing stations behind the lines, so we have the tools and the supplies readily available every single time someone needs them.”

Recycling Remaining Scrap

Any scrap that is produced can be reused in a few ways. Recently, Versa Pak invested in new poly-to-pellet equipment for in-house repelletizing capabilities.

“We can run the trim from a current line that’s running trim and cycle that straight into pellet form,” said Koverman. “And then, if we’re not running anything, we can take some of the smaller scraps.”

Any additional scrap that can’t be repelletized in-house is sent to a local recycling company to be converted there.

Sustainability Efforts From Versa Pak

While scrap reduction is beneficial for keeping costs lower and improving efficiency, it also promotes a more sustainable use of raw materials, reduces energy consumption and helps protect resources.

In addition to scrap reduction and recycling, Versa Pak offers post-consumer resins (PCR) as well as products with a polymer additive, BDP®, that can be added to resins to accelerate their biodegradability.

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