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How Does Versa Pak’s Quoting Process Work?

Versa Pak Customer Service team member calculates a quote for polyethylene sheeting


We’re committed to full transparency for our customers. Aren’t familiar with how our quoting process works, or has it been a while since you’ve placed an order? Our quick guide will help you understand what we need and what we’ll deliver to you.

What Does Versa Pak Need to Create a Quote?Versa Pak team member tests for mil of gusseted polyethylene bag sample for quoting

We need the following information to create a quote:

  • Size
  • Mil
  • How the product should be packed – on rolls? In cartons?
  • Quantity per roll or carton
  • Shipping location
  • Film or bag?

If you have a sample of your current film or bag, that can help us create the product you’re looking for.

Not sure what size of poly bag or sheeting you need? Use our handy calculator >>

How Long Does it Take to Get a Quote?

Our goal is to have your quote back to you within an hour of your request. You might hear from a different team member than the one you contacted, since our customer service staff is cross-trained to help keep the process moving quickly.

What Testing Capabilities Does Versa Pak Have?Versa Pak polyethylene sheeting being tested in on-site research lab

Whether you need a completely new product created or just want to improve a current one, our in-house testing center and staff can help. Here’s the full list of our capabilities:

  • MD and TD Tear
  • Elongation
  • Tensil Strength
  • Corrosion (VCI)
  • Seal Strength
  • Spencer Impact and Dart
  • C.O.F.

Our full-service research lab can test your product to all American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. And testing for your product won’t affect the cost of your final quote.

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What’s Included In the Quote?

You’ll get an emailed quote containing the following:

  • Description of product
  • Quantity
  • Lead time
  • Where it’s being shipped to
  • Pricing

If you have any questions on your quote, just ask – we’re happy to help walk you through our pricing. And if we’re creating a new product for you, we run samples at no charge once your quote is approved.

I’m Ready to Order. Now What?

You’ll send in your PO – with a part number if you have it – to Versa Pak and we’ll get started on testing, if needed. We’ll keep you updated on lead times and ship dates, which depend on your product and which line it will run on.

Once we ship your product to you, we want to know that it’s exactly what you wanted. If there are any issues, just contact us and our quality team will work to resolve the problem.

Ready to Get Started On Your Quote?

We’re here to support your projects and answer all of your questions, whether it’s through a safe onsite visit or a virtual call.

Request your quote today to get started and see the Versa Pak difference.

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