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Product Testing and Research Capabilities at Versa Pak

keith koverman


When you have a product in mind but aren’t sure where to get it, Versa Pak can help. 

Our in-house team of quality and research specialists are skilled in creating new poly blends, tweaking existing ones and testing your products to ensure the highest performance.

Versa Pak’s Testing Process

When a distributor contacts Versa Pak and asks about a new product, quality technician Keith Koverman is on the case.

First, Koverman and the team will ask questions to get insight on how the end product is being used, what it should look like, and what type of machine it will go on. Then, they begin testing.

“We’re actually working on a project now where the customer sent us the machine the film is going to go in,” Koverman said. “It’s completely new for us, and we’ve never run anything like this, but we think we can.”

Because of Versa Pak’s in-house testing and research capabilities, it’s easy to adjust resin blends or try something new to produce exactly what the distributor needs. In a few weeks, the team will typically have a solution for the distributor.

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Trends in the Plastic Packaging Industry

In the last 10-12 months, Koverman said he’s seen a definite uptick in the volume of VCI – volatile corrosion inhibitor – film that’s being ordered.

Another area that continues to be important for customers is upholding Versa Pak’s certification and quality standards. 

“We’re making sure that the shop floor employees are aware that we have a training session that our quality manager runs every week so that new hires know what is expected of products here,” he said. 

Koverman and the quality team are responsible for monitoring adherence to SQF food packaging standards, as well as maintaining the company’s FDA compliance and more.

Versa Pak’s Full Testing Capabilities

Beyond creating new products and tweaking existing ones to meet your needs, we also offer these testing capabilities in our in-house lab:

  • Tensil Strength at Break MD
  • Tensil Strength at Break TD
  • Film Elongation at Break MD
  • Film Elongation at Break TD
  • Elmendorf Tear MD
  • Elmendorf Tear TD
  • Dart Drop
  • Spencer Impact
  • Opacity
  • Coefficient of Friction MD
  • Coefficient of Friction TD

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