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Why We Are Kosher Certified

buckeye kosher certificaiton


Versa Pak recently received our letter from Buckeye Kosher certifying all plastic bags and plastic film made at our Celina, Ohio, plant are kosher certified.

Being kosher certified means the ingredients in our purchased manufactured resins have been evaluated against kosher requirements and contain no animal fat. Therefore, they’re complying with the acceptable guidelines of the kosher dietary laws.

“We’ve always been very proud of the high-quality plastic packaging our team engineers and manufactures in Celina, and getting kosher certified is just one more way we can provide our distributors with a competitive edge and an inclusive product,” Sales Manager Jeff Knapke says.

By using resins without animal products, our customers can produce plastic food and beverage packaging to meet their kosher consumers’ needs better. Getting kosher certified is just one more way Versa Pak continues innovation and maintains our integrity and commitment to food production.

Buckeye Kosher, based in Columbus, Ohio, provides kosher supervision to food establishments and manufacturers. It is operated by the Columbus Vaad Ho’ir, a not-for-profit company. Versa Pak’s certification from Buckeye Kosher is effective until June 2019.

Please note, our products are certified kosher; however, we cannot take responsibility for addition or contamination with kosher-offending substances which may occur during shipment, receiving or storage of our finished product.