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Versa Pak’s SQF Certification: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Versa Pak trainer Ryan Baer discusses the importance of the SQF certification


Since 2016, Versa Pak has been Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified as a manufacturer of food packaging. Learn more about what this certification means for you.

What is an SQF Certification?

The SQF Institute is a global organization that helps companies ensure they’re meeting safety, quality and compliance standards from farm to fork. At Versa Pak, that means all products are covered under the certification.

According to the SQF code, a company that’s certified:

  • Produces safe, quality food or food packaging
  • Complies with all regulations
  • Complies with applicable legislation.

When you purchase products from Versa Pak, you can be assured that they’ve been produced to the highest levels of safety and quality. And by operating an SQF-certified manufacturing facility, we provide you a competitive advantage over those without similar credentials.

Benefits to Distributors

“We pursued this certification and stringent audit process to be able to provide our distributors more opportunities and packaging solutions for their end-users,” sales manager Jeff Knapke says. “This is one of the most credible food safety management certifications in the marketplace and is recognized by retailers and foodservice providers throughout the world.”

Many of the largest global food producers and processors rely on SQF certification among their vendors and industry partners to help maintain their integrity and commitment to food safety. Versa Pak president Michael Brunswick said the certification can also help distributors quickly understand the company’s standards.

“It allows for others to have an understanding of the facility we have here without visiting it,” said Brunswick. “It saves them time and money – all we have to do is send our SQF audit report and they can get a good idea as to whether or not we’re a facility they can trust to make their poly.”

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Other Safety Certifications and Statements

Versa Pak is certified in several other areas as well, including:

  • FDA
  • Kosher
  • Buckeye Kosher

Our products are also free of 19 major allergens and cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury.

Learn More About Our Products

At Versa Pak, receiving the SQF certification is just one more example of our commitment to providing distributors with exceptional quality and expanded opportunities. View our products and see how we can help you create the custom packaging you need.

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