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Stretch Hooder Film Now Available From Versa Pak

Versa Pak’s new product, stretch hooder film.


To better serve our customers, Versa Pak is now producing stretch hooder film from our state-of-the-art Co-Ex production line.

“We’re excited to add this product that we’ve never offered before,” said Jeff Knapke, sales manager at Versa Pak. “It’s another way we can ensure our customers can get everything they need from us.” 

Stretch hooder film being placed on barrels.

What is Stretch Hooder Film?

Stretch hood film allows for quick and efficient wrapping of pallets. Instead of winding a pallet in stretch film, it can be pulled down over a pallet in one piece to enclose it. 

It’s perfect for high-volume environments and can cut down on labor costs and time. It also provides more protection for palletized loads because it’s enclosed at the top.

Stretch hooder film from Versa Pak offers:

  • Best-in-class tear, dart and puncture resistance
  • Superior extensibility without sacrificing ultimate holding force
  • Considerable SKU reduction and product consolidation
  • Significantly improved performance on irregular geometry pallets
  • Identical performance on different manufacturers’ Hooder machines
  • Custom UV and chemical protection applications
  • World-class ‘multi-temp’ anti-fog films for outdoor corrugated applications

“This product is also easy to recycle, so it’s great for companies who are paying attention to their sustainability,” said Knapke. 

Stretch hooder film being placed on a pallet.

Ordering Stretch Hooder Film

Requesting a quote or placing an order is quick and easy. Have this information ready:

  • Size needed 
  • Gauge
  • Color
  • Quantity
  • Any special additives needed
  • Shipping information 

Once your order is placed, lead times are running at three-four weeks. 

Stretch hooder film on a pallet.

Innovation and Quality From Versa Pak 

We’re proud to not only offer the highest quality and best customer service, but continuous innovation. 

Whether it’s adding new products, attending industry conferences, partnering with forward-thinking experts, or connecting with peers in groups like Packaging Distributors of America, we’re always seeking new ways to grow and improve. 

Learn more about our products or request a quote today.