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Author: Versa Pak

Common Food Safety Certifications for Poly Bags & Films

Versa Pak quality team Keith Koverman and Joel Giesige in the poly films manufacturer's on-site lab.

As a food product distributor, you want to guarantee the food itself, as well as the poly bags and films it may come in contact with, are safe for your end-user. To ensure this safety, there are a few common food safety certifications your distributor might hold. Today, we’re breaking each down and diving into… Read more »

Night Shift Supervisor

General Purpose: The shift supervisor must be a team leader and have the knowledge and experience to oversee production and the process, along with leadership skills to guide and train his or her personnel as needed. He or she is responsible for overseeing the daily operations which include manufacturing, processing and packaging of finished products… Read more »

What are Polyethylene Bags & Sheeting Used For?

Versa Pak employee Louie cuts a polyethylene pallet cover to size for use in the manufacturing industry.

Polyethylene (poly) bags and sheeting are used across multiple industries and have various end-uses. Used for protecting everything from car parts to packages in your mailbox, poly products are the material of choice for many applications. Because of its versatility (polyethylene can be custom-manufactured to meet different strengths and capabilities depending on the end-use), poly… Read more »

Changing Our Internal Culture at Versa Pak

Versa Pak trainer Ryan Baer gives new hire employees a tour of the manufacturing plant.

Versa Pak has been taking multiple steps to address a shift in our internal culture, all driven by a desire to focus on our values, vision and mission. Keep reading to learn more about the professional development and additional training our employees have completed since we have implemented these changes. What is Changing at Versa… Read more »

How to Calculate the Size of a Poly Bag

Versa Pak team member assists customer with calculating the size of a custom poly bag

How do I know what size of a poly bag I need? How do I even know what weight of a poly bag I need? These are questions we hear all the time, and the Calculate Your Bag Size feature on our website can help you easily determine the size and weight of the polyethylene… Read more »

What is an SQF Audit?

The SQF certification is one of the most credible food safety certifications in the world. Being SQF certified means our food contact packaging materials are produced as safely as the food itself. To continue to be certified, Versa Pak is audited on a regular basis to ensure that we meet and exceed the SQF requirements,… Read more »

Questions Your Plastic Manufacturer Will Ask You … And the Questions You Should Be Asking Your Poly Packaging Supplier

Custom plastics supplier Versa Pak employee stands on manufacturing floor with poly film behind her.

Perhaps you’re a distributor putting together a quote for a custom plastic bag or maybe you’re a customer researching custom plastic packaging manufacturers. Choosing the right supplier — or distributor — can be a daunting task. So, here is a list of some common questions your plastic manufacturer will ask you when putting together a… Read more »

Co-Ex Production Setup Personnel

General Purpose: Setup personnel are responsible for setting up the production of poly film. Personnel must reflect the company’s core values of ethics and dependability, work effectively in a team environment, do what it takes to get the job done and strive for personal improvement. General Responsibilities and tasks include but are not limited to:… Read more »

Versa Pak Wins TUG Award

Versa Pak's TUG 2020 Golden Industrial Packaging Award

When Sales Manager Jeff Knapke recently opened a piece of mail at Versa Pak, he was shocked at what he saw — a TUG 2020 Golden Industrial Packaging Award from The United Group. “We did not know we were getting the award,” Knapke said. “Since they canceled (The United Group’s annual conference), we got the… Read more »