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A Quick Guide to the 6 Basic Types of Polyethylene Bags

polyethylene bags on a roll at versa pak manufacturing plant in celina, oh


Polyethylene bags are applicable to nearly every packaging scenario, from protection in transit to end-user presentation. Learn about some of the most common types of polyethylene bags and see typical uses for each.

6 Basic Types of Polyethylene Bags

1. Gusseted Bags

2. Bottom-Gusseted Bags

3. Layflat bags

4. Side-Sealed Bags

5. Compartment Bags

6. Reverse Bags on a Roll (RBOR)

polyethylene bag gussettedGusseted Bags

Gusseted bags are used as an alternative to flat bags for many products, such as mattress bags, furniture covers, food products and more. Gusseted bags include an extra piece of material in the sides, bottom, or both to allow for more room and better strength.


polyethylene bag bottom gussetted

Bottom-Gusseted Bags

A variation on gusseted bags, bottom-gusseted bags feature additional material at the bottom of the bag that allows it to stand up on its own, or easily slip over a product. This type of bag is available in a variety of styles and sizes. Pet food and coffee bean bags are common examples of bottom-gusseted bags.

polyethylene bag lay flatLayflat Bags

This type of bag is the simplest (think of a zip-top bag), but also offers nearly limitless options for customization. From color to printing to size and thickness, layflat bags are a blank canvas.


polyethylene bag side sealedSide-Sealed Bags

These bags come pre-sealed along the side(s) of your choosing, allowing for easy access on the other side for filling with your product. For example, small pouches for salad dressing may come sealed along three sides. Once the product has been added, the last side can be sealed.


polyethylene bag compartmentCompartment Bags

Compartment bags offer multiple options for customization depending on your product. They’re used when you want to package multiple pieces separately, yet keep them together.


polyethylene bag rbor
Reverse Bags on a Roll (RBOR)

RBORs come off the line with the sealed ends first, which allows for easy insertion when using a K&R bag inserter.

See Something You Like?

We’re happy to help create a quote for your needs – usually within a day or less. Here’s what you’ll find with our poly bags:

  • Bags range in size from 5″x 10″ to 120″x 500″
  • Thickness from .0005 to .010 mil
  • Wide spectrum of colors and prints
  • Bags wound on rolls or individually stacked in cartons

If you need something different, just let us know – our in-house R&D and testing department can help.

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