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2020 Update: Changing Our Internal Culture at Versa Pak

versa pak employees

Versa Pak is excited to announce a shift in our internal culture, all driven by a desire to focus on our values, vision and mission.

Several Versa Pak employees have been busy attending an 18-month course to become conscious leaders. In this course, they’ve learned more about leading powerful conversations, leading with their best selves, learning to work through others, advancing decision-making, and maximizing team performance.

To influence and lead others, they first needed to learn more about developing themselves.

As a result of these courses and changes they’ve implemented, they’ve already started seeing better communication between team members. And Versa Pak president Michael Brunswick said the change will help pave the way for the company’s continued growth.

Versa-Pak has been very blessed with the growth we’ve seen over the years,” he said. “With growth comes new challenges and adjustments to our job requirements. As a team, we continued to add to our plates where needed to keep the company running at full tilt.

“In doing so, some of our communication, accountability, and clarity of roles started to get blurry. We recognized that we were outgrowing our current style of management and needed to find something that would better suit the future of Versa Pak,” said Brunswick.

What Is Changing at Versa Pak?

Andrea Green Shift huddle meetings in the factory, mentoring meetings and a focus on employee needs have already been put in place to help align the everyday culture at Versa Pak around the company’s values.

“We’re focusing on growing stronger leadership, having greater accountability, and building better comradery between leadership and employees,” said Andrea Green.

As part of Green’s role, she’s helping to lead the culture shift and ensure employee engagement at every level.

“An engaged worker has excitement, drive, and passion to do more, to be more, and to create more and take pride in their work. This is what Versa Pak wants for our employees,” Green said.

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