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Four Packaging Trends to Watch

packaging trends


As a custom manufacturer, we see a variety of requests come through our door. We thought we’d break down some of the recent packaging and plastic trends we’ve seen.

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1. Environmental Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the most “on-trend” topics has been plastics and sustainability, such as products that are low-impact on the environment and minimize waste.

One of these has been bioplastics — or plastics that are either created from natural materials or biodegradable. This is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the plastics industry, with more than 1.7 million metric tons produced in the U.S. just in 2014, according to the Plastics Industry Association.

At Versa Pak, one of the ways we focus on sustainability is through our recycling efforts — we recycle everything we can.

“Versa Pak continues to run recycled products for our customer depending on what the application is for, as recycled resin can’t be used in FDA products,” Sales Manager Jeff Knapke said. “And all the recyclable resins we use are generated from our scrap materials.”

 Learn more about our recycling efforts >>

2. Minimalist Packaging: Less is More

Is it time to simplify your product? 

From your product’s design to the consumer’s unboxing experience, basic needs are the focus of the minimalism trend that has become more popular lately. 

Whether it’s in the product design or the amount of filler packaging, less is more. This may tie back to the sustainability trend when analyzing consumer behavior: less packaging = better for the environment. 

3. Reducing Chemicals: Ensuring Safety in Food Packaging

It seems like every few months, another study comes out about chemical contamination in food packaging. One of the chemicals that shows up more and more is PFAS — polyfluoroalkyl substances. 

In addition to food packaging, these man-made chemicals are found in a variety of sources, and long-term exposure to them has been proven by the EPA to have adverse effects on humans.

While some of these chemicals have been phased out of production, it’s critical to choose a product manufacturer who adheres to strict regulations, such as the SQF certification.

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4. Artificial Intelligence: Smart Packaging

There are no unboxing robots yet (that we know of), but everyday AI is around the corner — and in your consumers’ homes. After all, they just have to ask Alexa for a refill and it’s on the way in two days.

Is there a way to automate your product’s packaging? From cups that cheer with the crowd at the big game to interactive food labels, smart packaging is one trend to watch. 

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