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Distributor Relationship Spotlight: Flexpak and Versa Pak

flex pak distributor spotligh


Flexpak and Versa Pak have worked together for a number of years. Read on to see how Flexpak and Versa Pak’s relationship began, and how we continue to make each other better.

Flexpak is a packaging distribution company in Utah. Versa Pak works with them to manufacture goods that they purchase and then redistribute to end users. Our relationship began almost three years ago through our joint membership in Packaging Distributors of America.

How Flexpak and Versa Pak Met

“I was working on a particularly unique project where we had to have industrial-grade bags made and packaged where they would work in a controlled environment,” says Neil Arzani, an outside sales rep with Flexpak. “The owner of Flexpak and the vice president had met Versa Pak at a show and said, ‘Why don’t you reach out to these guys and see if they can help you?’”

Arzani reached out to Versa Pak for help. We had done similar projects but not on the scale Flexpak needed.

“They were able to accommodate the needs,” Arzani says. “They tailored a program specifically to work for the projects they were doing with me, which most manufacturers won’t do in this day and age.”

He noted the project was for approximately 20 different-sized clear poly bags used in the medical industry. The bags are put inside dust covers that are used by pharmaceutical companies

Flexpak and Versa Pak’s Partnership Continues

versa pak and flex pak

While that was approximately three years ago, Flexpak and Versa Pak continue to work together on additional projects.

“The time I’ve worked with Versa Pak, it’s been great,” Arzani said. “It’s been nice working with a company similar to the company I work for, Flexpak, where they’re willing to do whatever it takes within reason to make a project happen.

“We know there’s going to be problems that come up whenever you’re doing something new, but it’s how they handle it. With Versa Pak, we had a small issue at the beginning, and they corrected it and they fixed it and they continue to improve their process,” said Arzani.

Arzani said he continues to recommend Versa Pak because of our accessibility.

“They’re willing to work with you to fit the need you have, and their follow-through,” he said. “I’m able to talk to Scott, who’s over their production, and I’m able to talk to the president of Versa Pak, as well as their sales manager … I have a direct line of someone to talk to if I have an issue or if something needs to be expedited. They’re easy to work with, and they’re nice.”

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